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Who We Are, What We Do

Hello! Welcome!  I’m so happy you’re here.  Whether you’re a first time reader, or migrated over from Mother’s Little Helpers, I’m so glad you’re here!  I’m Jenny, one of the founders of Multi-Level Millennials.  My husband Eric and I started this business to encourage people to pursue multiple revenue streams, and teach them how to maximize the financial benefit.  We have many jobs between us, but they all serve a function beyond generating income which we’ll tell you all about.  We have 3 kids (Ben, Este, and Vivi), and will tell you all about how all of our crazy jobs fit in to our even crazier lives.

Why we moved from Mother’s Little Helpers

I started writing my blog after the birth of my second child when I was severely depleted. I needed to explore what being at home with my kids meant to me, and to society.  I wrote from a very vulnerable place, and was so touched that many of you shared right back.  For a couple of years, MLH was a cozy den where we could curl up and chat about our experiences.  Suddenly, I wasn’t so lost.  I will always be tremendously grateful for the Mother’s Little Helpers community.  Oh, and also there was a little bit of a legal issue around copyright, so here we are.

How the Blog Fits in with MLM

What I thought was an epic case of writer’s block, was really that I’d grown out of the “trapped in the motherhood labyrinth” content I’d settled into, so I stopped.  As Eric and I brainstormed the business that would eventually become Multi-Level Millennials, it became obvious that if people are paying us for guidance on what to do with their side-gigs, they may be interested to see how we run ours, and what it affords us.  We work our tuchuses off so that we can do (and have) the stuff we want, so I’m going to write about all of that.

What You Will Find Here

I will be sharing more of the “levels” of our lives, which will certainly include MLH style musings.   It’s totally ok for you to enjoy when I write about my kids, and zip right past posts about clothes. I also REALLY  love shopping for the perfect area rug, and have gotten downright giddy over accessories.  I’m going to tell stories about all of that, so take whatcha like, and skip whatcha don’t.

I’ll try to become a little more savvy with tagging the posts and products, since I had several requests back with Mother’s Little Helpers, and just never got the hang of it.  Hey, I’m a Millennial, but an old one, mmmkay?

Take a little scroll through some archived Mother’s Little Helpers posts, especially the “Spotlight” series, which were guest posts from some rad ladies.  Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you stay tuned as we find our footing.

Love. Balance. Health. Happiness.


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