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I’m very excited to introduce you to my mama, Susie!  I have learned so much about navigating motherhood from her, and I am very honored she wanted to contribute.  She is a wonderful caregiver to all of her grandchildren, and I am so grateful for her willingness to drive the 2 hours to watch the kiddos.  Without her, and the other members of “the village,” I certainly wouldn’t have been able to graduate law school with my class, or start my business.  I love you, mom!


As Jenny’s mom, I wanted to contribute and support her wonderful blog. I am not a writer like she is but I really want to participate.

As women, we all have many roles in life. In the spirit of this blog, I decided to write about my role as a mom and grand mom. Narrowing that down, I decided to write about the day that honors that–Mother’s Day. I had a wonderful weekend that included Mother’s Day. It is a good time for reflection.

I thought about how that designated day has changed for me over my 62 years. I first remember it as a daughter honoring my mother. Then, after having my three children, I became the honoree. Now, my two daughters are mothers and I again have more mothers in my life to honor. We always talk about the milestones or stages that children achieve and go through. We as adults continue the life stages and should embrace the change and growth that continues to happen.

This moment of clarity came to me last weekend. There was a family party where I joined the other matriarch of the family. As I watched my daughter interact with her cousins, mostly talking about their children, I felt a sense of pride as her mother. I’d like to think I played a part in how she and her sister have turned out to be the most fantastic mothers. I then turned and watched my grandchildren playing with their cousins laughing and having so much fun. It filled me with joy to see the continuation of the family and the love. That was my Mother’s Day gift.

Over the years my Mother’s Day has changed. I was lucky enough to see all three of my children and all four of my grandchildren over the course of the weekend. We all didn’t get to sit around the same table at once because the family has grown and they all have their commitments. But, seeing them flourish and continue is all I ever wanted as a mother. Certainly my role has changed but I couldn’t be more fulfilled watching my family grow.

Happy Mother’s Day, and Mother’s Month!

Love. Balance. Health. Happiness.  Jj


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