Here at Multi-Level Millennials, we are unapologetic in our love of MLMs (aka Multi-Level Marketing companies), as they provide low-cost entry into business ownership with virtually none of the liabilities, (like rent, insurance, etc.) while still entitling you to the same tax benefits as traditional business owners. There are a lot of misconceptions about MLMs, and we are in the process of developing some tools to help better understand what they're all about.

Multi-Level Millennials is developing a series of products to help you navigate the organizational phase of your business, including what to look for in MLM compensation plans before you join, things to track from the moment you start your business, and some broader tax concerns for when your earnings increase.

We have casually maintained our own MLM business for a couple of years, recently deciding the time was right to ratchet it up to the next level. If you’re interested in learning more about our business, make the jump here