About Us

Being the oldest members of a generation described as entitled, lazy, and incompetent is challenging. In fact, it’s downright infuriating when you know that you are as hardworking as anyone else, but don’t want to do things the way that older generations have (especially since so many of them are financially over-extended, and miserable). While it may be a change from the way things have always been done, Millennials don’t want our personal identities to just be our job titles, but rather desire recognition for all of our interests and endeavors; for all of our levels.

​In 2016, Forbes reported on a survey conducted by Harris Poll and Creative Live, in which 67% of employed Millennials conveyed a desire to be self-employed. Careerbuilder.com published a report saying that 44% of Millennials on the site hold multiple jobs, and of them, 77% are doing so without the intention of turning their side-gigs into full-time jobs. This is a telling statistic, as it implies that we love our traditional jobs (where we likely utilize our VERY expensive degrees), and are also passion driven in our side hustles, even if the passion is to earn money to pay off the expensive degrees. As Inc.com reported, employers recognize those who participate in the so called "gig-economy" as desirable employees.

So, whether you are an independent contractor as a participant in an MLM, as a brick and mortar or virtual shop owner, or as a provider of professional services, you are entitled to many financial advantages via the tax code before you even get to your earnings. Let Multi-Level Millennials lend you our expertise in maximizing your IC status, and show you some of the advantages it has afforded us.